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Engage Now Q&A #2

Questions from ENGAGEnow 2019 Breakout Groups:

 Question: What if my friends said to me that he doesn’t believe in God because he thinks none of this stuff can actually happen? What do I do?


(Provided by Deanna Huff)

First, maybe consider asking the friend, if God does not exist, then how does a person explain how all things were created? Why would man have purpose if there is not God? Second, share the design argument for the existence of God. argues it in the following:
Clearly, every life form in Earth's history has been highly complex. A single strand of DNA equates to one volume of the Encyclopedia Britannica. The human brain has approximately 10 billion gigabytes of capacity. Besides living things here on Earth, the whole universe seems designed for life. Literally hundreds of conditions are required for life on Earth—everything from the mass density of the universe down to earthquake activity must be fine-tuned in order for life to survive. The random chance of all these things occurring is literally beyond imagination. The odds are many orders of magnitude higher than the number of atomic particles in the whole universe! With this much design, it is difficult to believe that we are simply an accident.

After sharing the design argument, then share that God created the world in the beginning, but because of the fall in the garden with Adam and Eve, sin has entered the world and for a time there is pain and suffering. But, God desired for man to be with him and he came in the flesh of Jesus Christ to save all who repent of their sins and believe in him. John 3:16 states, “For God so loved the world,[a] that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.”

 A short video of the design argument.

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Pastor Mark's Weekly Update January 2, 2020

Pastor Mark will deliver his annual sermon entitled the State of the Church on Sunday morning. Please join us as Pastor Mark will focus our hearts on Christ-centered living in 2020.

Ekklesia is the evening gathering of CHBC on Sundays. This week the church will gather for a time of prayer and praise to begin 2020.

Sunday morning the search committee will introduce us to our candidate. Please be in prayer as we seek the Lord’s direction in calling another pastor. Thank Him for His faithfulness to us in this process, and in expanding our reach and vision.

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