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Men's Ministry: T4G Update and Reminder for D-Groups

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T4G is a Pastor and Church Leaders Conference held in Louisville, KY every 2 years. (LAST YEAR for T4G)
Date for 2022 is April 19-21. We encourage any men in our church to attend (including high school age and older). CHBC will cover the registration fee ($219) – this includes lots of free books! You are asked to cover the cost of transportation, lodging, and meals (about $300) DEADLINE for Registration: $150 deposit due on November 14 (Tickets will sell out)

Our D-Groups are designed to not just train you, but hold you accountable to the spiritual demands and goals of your Christian Life. A D-Group is a small group of men who are engaging in discipleship together. One person is the group facilitator, so the group can discuss the Bible and the extra reading together in an organized manner. Each week the D-Group gets to watch one of our pastors speak for about 10 minutes on how Christ transforms our lives into His image. Then, the group engages in discussion and prayer requests. Every group is an open group. That means anyone can join at any time, so you are always encouraged to invite a new friend. See the book cover below, as well as the meeting times and location.

Our meeting options include: 

Tuesday at 6:30 AM                
Wednesday at 6:30 PM          
Saturday at 7:00 AM
Saturday at 9:00 AM
All groups meet at CHBC

Mark D. DeMoss, Senior Pastor

CHBC Weekly October 22, 2021

Worship at CHBC – A Reminder

The church is not a building people meet together in, but a people who gather to worship Jesus Christ as Lord. The vision of this people is supported by three pillars we believe are necessary for the vitality of the mission to equip, exalt, and extend. Those pillars are to be Biblically-Modeled, Mission-Minded, and Multi-Cultural. Culture can be defined as, “What we do with what God has made.” (Dr. Anderson, As people engage with the world around them and respond to their particular circumstances in the world, a culture is formed. So, our ethnicity, socio-economic status, age, region of the country, etc. can all have a bearing on culture. We believe the local church best represents the global church and the heavenly church when it is diverse in cultures and unified in Christ. When we gather for worship, we desire the congregation to represent as much as possible the diverse cultures within our community.

Please remember:

  • Be aware of your own health as you prepare to come to Sunday School and worship
  • Worship with us online if you are experiencing the symptoms of COVID-19, or other transmissible illnesses
  • While you are present wash your hands, and do not touch your eyes, nose, or mouth


Quarterly Members’ Meeting – Sunday, October 24

As a church that is congregationally ruled, we meet once per quarter to review our financial statement, approve membership, elect leadership, and hear reports. These meetings are typically the last Sunday of the month following the end of a financial quarter. The third quarter ended in September, therefore the last Sunday of October is the time for our financial meeting. Due to the fact that the last Sunday is October 31, and we will be doing outreach, that meeting has been scheduled for this Sunday night, October 24. The meeting will be conducted at the conclusion of the evening service, Ekklesia.


Ways to Give your Tithes and Offerings

  • CHBC Giving Online – if you need assistance with online giving, please contact the church office at 405-799-9799 during regular office hours (8:30-4:30, M-T, and 8:30-12:30, F)
  • During worship in the CHBC Offering Boxes
  • Mail to 304 SW 134th Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73170
  • Drop off to Church Office during regular office hours at the mailing address above


Sunday Nights for CHBC in the Fall

Put these special nights of worship and ministry on your calendar and plan to be with your church family for a very special fall and holiday season.

  • October 24 – Nahum 3 – Pastor Bryce Schmidt
  • October 31 – Greet and Treat
  • November 7 – International Day of Prayer for Persecuted Church
  • November 14 – Sunday School Leaders Meeting
  • November 21 – Thanksgiving Banquet & World Missions Kick-Off
  • November 28 – Decorate CHBC Campus for Christmas
  • December 5 – Christmas Carols and CHBC Christmas Fellowship
  • December 12 – CHBC Worship Ministry Christmas Night of Worship
  • December 19 – Power for Kids Christmas Musical
  • December 26 – No Evening Worship


Greet and Treat

It is almost October 31, which means one of CHBC’s annual outreach ministries is right around the corner. Plan to walk your neighborhood, knock on doors, and Greet and Treat your neighbors. Or plan to make your home inviting to those trick-or-treaters and bless them with our Greet and Treat bags. Either way we can be in the community and loving our neighbors.


IDOP – International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

November 7, 2021, at 5 PM we will have a special evening event in order to learn more about persecution around the world, and to pray for brothers and sisters in Christ who face persecution at its most severe levels. You can participate by being present or buying items to place in one of the Action Packs. An Action Pack is large plastic bag filled with specific items that will be sent overseas to a persecuted person or family by Voice of the Martyrs. You can get the list of items for an Action Pack at the Welcome Center or see it attached on one of the Mission Donation Trunks.


Scripture of the Month

Each week CHBC says aloud a passage of Scripture during our morning worship gathering. This is done for two reasons. First, we are commanded in Scripture to encourage one another with the Word of God. Second, we want to emphasize the spiritual discipline of Scripture memory. The Scripture we will say and memorize for the month of September is Romans 5:12, “Therefore, just as through one man sin entered into the world, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men, because all sinned—”  You can receive a text to your phone with this verse set to music by texting the word “CHBCVERSE” to the number (302) 207-SONG (7664).


A Moment in Church History

On October 21, 1990, Matilda Schmidt Epp died. She was the wife of Theodore H. Epp, the voice of Back to the Bible. She was a soul-winner, Bible teacher, and role model to women apart from the work of her better-known husband. Learn more about what happened on this date in church history by following this link: Today in Church History.  



Pray for one another to delight in the doing of God’s will. Pray that we will each have God’s law imprinted upon our hearts by His giving of our conscience, and the reading of His Word.

Psalm 40:8

“I delight to do Your will, O my God; Your Law is within my heart.”


Mark D. DeMoss, Senior Pastor

     Capitol Hill Baptist Church


            For the Glory of God

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