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Pastor Mark's Weekly Update 10/28/16

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Dear CHBC Family and Friends,

            When I talk about CHBC with people I describe our church in three major concepts.  We are a church founded on 3 Piers, supported by 3 Pillars, and working to accomplish 3 Purposes. 

Those piers are: The Lordship of Jesus Christ, the Centrality of Scripture and the Glory of God.  Those three things undergird everything we are, everything we believe, and everything we do.  They are foundational to our existence, and therefore necessary to the function of CHBC as a body.

            The 3 Pillars support the purposes of our church.  They form a second layer of support for how we are going to go about doing what it is God has called us to do.  The pillars are: Biblically-Modeled, Mission-Minded, and Multi-Cultural.  We do not want to work toward our purposes in any way that would place us outside the support of those 3 pillars.

            When you think about CHBC, I hope you think of it as a church on mission to Equip Believers, Exalt Christ, and Extend the Gospel.  Those three phases describe the 3 Purposes of the church.  They sit atop the foundational structures of our piers and pillars.  The activities of the body fit within the context of one of those three purposes.

            This Sunday when we gather for our corporate worship we will equip, exalt and extend, as normal.  We will do so taking the Lord’s Supper, and we will do so in an expression of one of our 3 Pillars.  We will be having a Church-Wide Lord’s Supper.  Both the Spanish-speaking and English-speaking portions of the congregation will be together for our entire worship service.  This will celebrate one component of our desire to represent the multi-cultural facet of church life.  I hope you will join us as we have a joyful expression of the body of Christ, remembering our Savior’s death, burial and resurrection for every tribe, tongue, people, and nation.

            Don’t forget to pick up Greet and Treat Bags as you leave Sunday morning.  This is an opportunity to share the gospel and CHBC with your friends and neighbors on October 31, as children come to your home Trick or Treating, or as you take the opportunity with your own children to walk from home to home and distribute these bags.  Each Greet and Treat bag has a gospel tract, a flyer about CHBC, and hot chocolate. 

            Below is some information as you prepare to vote this week.  The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission for the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma has shared this information with each Baptist Church.  I am passing this on to you to help you be informed as you exercise the civil privilege and responsibility of voting. 


2016 Election Explainer

The Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Committee, with research and writing assistance from the Family Policy Institute of Oklahoma, has produced a non-partisan election guide for Oklahoma voters. Churches and individuals can access the guide at: (Printer-friendly version here).
In addition, the Baptist Messenger has published various articles about two key state questions, SQ 790 and SQ 792:

State Question 790

Religious Freedom for all Oklahomans—Vote ‘Yes’ on State Question 790
by U.S. Sen. James Lankford & Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb

Perspective: SQ 790 should be passed
by Dr. Anthony L. Jordan, BGCO Executive Director-Treasurer

Conventional Thinking: SQ 790 A monumental state question
by Brian Hobbs, Editor, The Baptist Messenger

State Question 792

First Person: SQ 792, Does Oklahoma need alcohol to be more convenient?
by Jerry Ervin, Member, BGCO Ethics & Religious Liberty Committee
For more information, visit

Pastor Mark's Weekly Update - 10/21/16

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Dear CHBC Family and Friends,

Since my family and I were away last weekend, I am extra anxious for this Sunday.  During Sunday School we will be starting another Explore CHBC class, for those who are visiting and interested in membership, or at least learning more about Capitol Hill.  If you desire to meet during these next 3 Sundays for the Explore class just meet at the Media Center next to the Worship Center at 9 AM

During our corporate gathering at 10:15 we will lift our hearts in praise, our minds in learning, and our lives in service.  It is a duty and responsibility for the church to come together, but it is more than just obedience, it is a joy and blessing.  Statistics show us that as we approach the holidays that friends and neighbors are much more likely to attend church with us.  So, be active sharing Christ and inviting people to consider worshipping with us.  I am grateful to see what God is doing among us. 

Let us remember that our lives have been intentionally redeemed through the shed blood of Christ to extend the Kingdom to our Jerusalem, Judea and ends of the earth.  That means our neighborhoods and the nations are to be matters of prayer and gospel outreach.  Sundays are for mobilizing us for the mission.

We have begun to sell tickets for our annual Thanks-for-Giving Banquet.  This meal, which is held on the Sunday night prior to Thanksgiving is open to all, and is used to recognize all of the ministry efforts of CHBC and the people who faithfully serve to keep us on our mission.  Be ready to purchase tickets in the next few weeks and reserve your spot at this very popular fellowship meal for the church.  This is another opportunity to invite a friend or relative.  Purchase them a ticket and invite them to come along. 

Also, be thinking about how you will use the Greet and Treat Bags this year.  Greet and Treat bags are for you to have an outreach opportunity onOctober 31.  While children in our neighborhoods are going from house to house on Halloween, we want to be present sharing Christ and the ministry of CHBC.  The bags will have a gospel tract, a special treat, and information about the church. 

Use your home as God intended, as a mission outpost in your area of the OKC metro.  You can hand those out at your door.  You can walk with your own children and hand them out to your neighbors who are receiving trick-or-treaters.  What else could you do with them?  Hand them out at work?  Have hot chocolate or games in your driveway and give them away as a welcome gift?  Take them to your child’s school to share as a class gift?  Be creative! 

The bags will be available on Sunday October 30.  We have 750 bags prepared so don’t be shy, take as many as you can use.  Imagine 750 families hearing about Christ and CHBC on one night. 

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