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CHBC Weekly May 13, 2022

The Mission of CHBC – Multi-Cultural

As a church we need to stay committed to these three core convictions, or as we call them the three pillars: Biblically-Modeled; Mission-Minded; and Multi-Cultural. When we talk about Multi-Cultural, we mean something more than the world around us means. What we mean is a longing for the heavenly church to be expressed in local congregations. People from many different backgrounds, experiences, ages, socio-economic situations, educational levels, ethnicities, and countries of origin. We long to express unity through Christ, rather than unity around physical and material commonalities.


Platform Remodel

The latest update on the completion of our platform remodel is that the carpet will enter production on May 23. That means it could be three weeks from that date before we see installation. The choir riser foam is being delivered to the manufacturer this week. Thank you for patiently praying with the Building Team as this project is underway.


Vacation Bible School – June 6 – June 10

VBS at CHBC will occur from June 6 to June 10 each morning from 9 AM to Noon. Members you may sign up to serve in a variety of ways. Classroom teachers, Classroom helpers, Registration, Snack helpers, Craft room, Missions Room, or Recreation. Children who have completed Kindergarten – 6th Grade may be registered to attend. Children of those serving who are younger than registration age will be provided childcare. Use this link to register your children for VBS: Registration for VBS.


Scripture of the Month

Isaiah 40:31, “Yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary.” Each week CHBC says aloud a passage of Scripture during our morning worship gathering. This is done for two reasons. First, we are commanded in Scripture to encourage one another with the Word of God. Second, we want to emphasize the spiritual discipline of Scripture memory. Receive a text to your phone with this verse set to music by texting the word “CHBCVERSE” to the number (302) 207-SONG (7664).


A Moment in Church History

On May 12, 1792, William Carey publishes his work, “An Enquiry into the Obligations of Christians, to Use Means for the Conversion of the Heathens.” This pamphlet would become the manifesto of Protestant missions for decades to come.” Learn more about what happened on this date in church history by following this link: Today in Church History.



Prayer begins with praise for God. Start with glorifying God for His blessing us through Christ.

Ephesians 1:3

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ”






Mark D. DeMoss, Senior Pastor

     Capitol Hill Baptist Church


            For the Glory of God

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Pastor Mark's Weekly Email 6/8/18


Neighbors Make a Difference

As we complete the week of VBS I have been reminded of the influence of neighbors.  Many of the children present have come because a “neighbor” invited them.  Not necessarily someone who lives next to their house, although that has happened, but someone who was willing to be a “neighbor”, as Jesus explained by the story of the Good Samaritan.  People who love and care about those around them, and see their wounds and want to take them to a place where healing can begin – that is being neighborly.  Twice in the last week, I have been told about people who are adult believers, that came to Christ because a neighbor during their childhood began inviting them to church.  What would happen if every member of CHBC took the opportunity to act in a neighborly way toward the lost people in their families, in their workplaces, in restaurants, in coffee shops, and yes, in their neighborhoods?  Would you commit with me to be faithful in being present at church, and in being a neighbor that makes a difference?


Pastor Mark's Top 6

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Mark D. DeMoss

Capitol Hill Baptist Church


For the Glory of God


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