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CHBC Weekly April 4, 2021

Good Friday Service
Please join us Friday, April 2, at 6 PM as we meditate upon the cross of Christ and its meaning for Christians and the world. The service will include singing, scripture readings, a meditation on the cross from Pastor Mark, and the Lord’s Supper.
Resurrection Sunday Plans and Seating
We had hoped that Oklahoma City would vote to have an early end to some of their COVID protocol mandates, which are currently scheduled to end on April 30. They postponed the vote two weeks; therefore, we want to continue to be compliant with what the OKC City Council is asking businesses and places of worship to do. This was not our preference, but as pastors we believe we can be compliant, loving, and still have wonderful Resurrection services. How will we seat for worship on Resurrection Sunday?
·The Worship Center will still be seated by every-other row. The Choir will remain seated in the Choir Loft to provide those extra seats in the Worship Center. We are also adding and adjusting seating to maximize the number of seats available. Face coverings are optional.
·        The CHBC Student Ministry will watch live stream from Solomon’s Porch. Face coverings are optional.
·        Overflow in the Activity Center will be available, and we will ask that people attending in the Activity Center wear a face covering.
·        Overflow seating will be available in the Choir Suite as well. Face coverings are optional.
Now Streaming on YouTube
CHBC has added an additional way for our services to be live streamed. You can still live stream through your Facebook account by following us at But now you can also stream the services live straight from a smart phone, a smart TV, your computer, laptop, or tablet, simply by going to our YouTube channel at You will find previous sermons there, as well as Men’s Fraternity sessions, and other original CHBC content. You can subscribe to our channel so that you can get quick access and be alerted when there is new content to view.
CHBC Worship for 4/4/21
The church is not a building people meet together in, but a people who gather to worship Jesus Christ as Lord.
Understand that is a strange statement to the world. Not many people want anyone to rule over them, other than themselves. Yet, someone or something is always in control. Every autonomous human being is subject to something or someone being in charge. Christians recognize Jesus Lordship because of the resurrection. Jesus was truly dead, and truly raised from the dead. He did everything the Bible claimed would be true for the Messiah. Over 300 specific prophecies were fulfilled in the life, and death of Jesus. He claimed to be God in the flesh, and His resurrection proves He was not a liar. So, we joyfully submit to His Lordship, and we look forward to reminding ourselves of that joy this Lord’s Day – Resurrection Sunday.
Sunday School
There are Sunday School Classes currently meeting in person at CHBC. We are also providing material for you to use at home if you are unable to attend an in-person small group. We have adjusted our rooms so that physical distancing can be maintained within each class setting. Please let us know if you would like a print version of the Lifeway curriculum from your Sunday School class for home use. Below is a printable version of a series from Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC.
·        Systematic Theology Lessons and Handout: A New Study for you to us at home, from the Core Seminars at Capitol Hill Baptist in Washington DC.
Ways to Give your Tithes and Offerings
·        CHBC Giving Online – if you need assistance with online giving please contact the church office at 405-799-9799 during regular office hours (8:30-4:30, M-T, and 8:30-12:30, F)
·        During worship in the CHBC Offering Boxes
·        Mail to 304 SW 134th Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73170
·        Drop off to Church Office during regular office hours at the mailing address above
A Moment in Church History
On April 1, 1743, David Brainerd arrives at Kaunaumeek in Massachusetts where he will begin ministry to Native Americans, starting a school, and translating the Psalms into their language. Brainerd died at the age of 29. Read more about David Brainerd. Or read more about church history at this link: Today in Church History.
Salvation comes with the confession of Jesus as Lord. The wisdom of the world denies God. But the wisdom of God is foolishness to men. Claim Jesus is Lord.
Psalm 14:1
“The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, they have committed abominable deeds; There is no one who does good.”
    Mark D. DeMoss, Senior Pastor
            For the Glory of God
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