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CHBC Weekly January 7, 2021

Worship at CHBC – A Reminder

The church is not a building people meet together in, but a people who gather to worship Jesus Christ as Lord. CHBC is a church that exists for the glory of God as we accomplish three purposes: to Equip believers, Exalt Christ, and Extend the Gospel. A church is a group of baptized believers who have covenanted together to hear the preaching of God’s Word, praise Christ through song, pray for one another, practice the ordinances, and perpetuate the work of making disciples until Jesus returns. Obedience to our purpose is how we exalt Christ. We publicly and corporately gather to fulfill our purpose in the world. As we gather, please remember:

  • Be aware of your own health as you prepare to come to Sunday School and worship
  • Worship with us online if you are experiencing the symptoms of COVID-19, or other transmissible illnesses
  • While you are present wash your hands, and do not touch your eyes, nose, or mouth


Men’s Ministry Breakfast- Saturday, January 8 at 8 AM

This breakfast is for all the men and their sons at CHBC. The group will have a wonderful homecooked breakfast, hear a brief devotion from Pastor Mark, and find out how to be involved in D-Group if they would like to be a part. The new D-Group study book, The Compelling Community, will be available for purchase at the breakfast.


Men’s and Women’s Bible Studies

The winter term of Men’s and Women’s Bible Studies will begin next week. Check the website for details.


Sanctity of Human Life Sunday – January 16, 2022

Each year we remind ourselves of the value of human life from conception to eternity, by participating in Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. This year we again have the privilege of getting to tour the mobile pregnancy center, The Patty Ann. Kathy Gibson will be present to give testimony in church, as well as to give tours of the mobile unit to explain how women and men are being reach with the gospel in the moment of a crisis pregnancy. We will also kick off the Baby Bottle Campaign where you can contribute loose change to the Hope Pregnancy Centers of Oklahoma for the next month.


Explore CHBC – January 23, 30, and February 6

Explore CHBC is the membership orientation class offered by Capitol Hill Baptist Church for guests to help introduce them to the history, vision, and mission of CHBC. The class lasts three weeks and meets at 9 AM in the church conference room. Pastor Mark is the facilitator of this class. During the three weeks you will learn about biblical church membership, why it is highly valued at CHBC, and what remaining steps there are to becoming a member.


Ways to Give your Tithes and Offerings

  • CHBC Giving Online – if you need assistance with online giving, please contact the church office at 405-799-9799 during regular office hours (8:30-4:30, M-T, and 8:30-12:30, F)
  • During worship in the CHBC Offering Boxes
  • Mail to 304 SW 134th Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73170
  • Drop off to Church Office during regular office hours at the mailing address above


Scripture of the Month

Each week CHBC says aloud a passage of Scripture during our morning worship gathering. This is done for two reasons. First, we are commanded in Scripture to encourage one another with the Word of God. Second, we want to emphasize the spiritual discipline of Scripture memory. The Scripture we will say and memorize for the month of January is Genesis 1:1-2, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.”  You can receive a text to your phone with this verse set to music by texting the word “CHBCVERSE” to the number (302) 207-SONG (7664).


A Moment in Church History

On January 6, 1850, Charles Spurgeon is converted. He will become one of the most notable pastors of all time. He had entered a little Methodist church because of cold and snow where a deacon told him to look to Christ. Spurgeon wrote of the experience this way, “I can never tell you how it was but I no sooner saw whom I was to believe than I also understood what it was to believe and I did believe in one moment.” Learn more about what happened on this date in church history by following this link: Today in Church History.



Pray for one another that we will not be allured by the temptation to hope in ourselves, our religion, our wealth, or our past. Pray our hope will be fixed on Christ and the grace we will receive at His coming.

1 Peter 1:13

“Therefore, with minds that are alert and fully sober, set your hope on the grace to be brought to you when Jesus Christ is revealed at his coming.”

Mark D. DeMoss, Senior Pastor

     Capitol Hill Baptist Church


            For the Glory of God

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