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    Next Steps - Sunday School

    11.01.16 | by CHBC Staff

    SUNDAY SCHOOL Small groups, life groups, community groups… Sunday School. These are all names for a group of Christians who gather together regularly for fellowship, prayer, relationship, and Bible Study. Some churches have them in homes...

      Next Steps - Bible Reading

      10.06.16 | by CHBC Staff

      Bible reading is the most fundamental of all spiritual disciplines. Below are some resources to help you begin consistent Bible reading.

        Next Steps - Become a Christian


        The most important decision one will ever make is to turn from one's sins and trust in Christ alone for salvation from their sin.

          Next Steps - Get Baptized

          09.29.16 | by CHBC Staff

          What is Baptism? The word baptism simply means to “dip” or “immerse” something under water. When the writers of Scripture used that word to refer to the religious act that we now think of, it meant to immerse individuals...


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