Our FOUNDATIONS ministry is focused on young adults starting the foundations of their Christian life. Young adults in their 20’s into their 30’s who may be attending college, starting careers, considering marriage, newly married, and starting families are in a unique stage of life and need the encouragement of other believers and guidance from God’s Word. There are several Sunday School groups, activities and Bible studies in the FOUNDATIONS ministry.


Our FORMATIONS ministry is made up of those who would typically have children in high school or college. Both married and single adults have the opportunity to be in Sunday School groups and participate in ministries with others in growing their faith as they adjust to the milestones of empty nesting and preparing for retirement from work.


Our FOUNDERS ministries are typically made up of those who are 65 years and older, who have retired from a full-time career, and are active in grandparenting. The gifts of time and life experience strengthen the church in a variety of ways. Our FOUNDERS meet together in Sunday School groups for men, women, or couples. They also enjoy monthly fellowship, and season trips.


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