Equip Classes


We offer a variety of Equip Classes on Sunday evenings at 5:00 pm that cover a important issues so that you can grow in your knowledge and application of God's Word.  

Fall 2017 Equip classes begin on Sunday, October 8.

“Explaining christianity” 

Teacher: Taught by Pastor Mark and Bryce Schmidt
Location: 214
This class will examine cover basic Christian doctrine, will display how these Christian doctrines are found in Scripture, and how they apply to everyday life.

¿Soy Realmente Cristiano?

Teacher: Associate Pastor Isaias Vargas
Location: 308
En Español.

"The word did it all: luther & the reformation"

Teacher: Associate Pastor Aaron Swain
Location: 206
In light of the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation this year, this class will examine Martin Luther's life and theology and will consider how those principles need to be applied to modern churches.

"Discipleship for the rest of us”

Teacher: Assistant Pastor Jason Crosby & Pastoral Assistant Ryan Ross
Location: 310

This class will explain what it looks like for the average person to follow Jesus in a way that is rooted in the gospel and geared towards practical, real world application.

"The Life of Jesus: Is he really the only way? ”

Teacher: Deanna Huff
Location: 202

This apologetics class will address whether Jesus really is the only way to salvation by studying his life and his teachings in the Bible. 

“The Life of Jesus" FOR KIDs

Teacher: Cheryl Ross and Tom Hollis
Location: 309
This class will be broken into a younger class and an older class as they study the person and work of Jesus Christ.


Teacher: June Thompson
Location: Room 301
This children’s class is for kids who have recently made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ. It helps them understand what it means to be a Christian, will clarify misconceptions they might have, and prepares them for baptism and church membership.

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