Equip Classes


We offer a variety of Equip Classes on Sunday evenings at 5:00 pm that cover a important issues so that you can grow in your knowledge and application of God's Word.  

Below is a list of the first round of Spring Equip classes that will last four weeks beginning on 4/23 - 5/21.

“Religious liberty: a gospel understanding of the first amendment”

Teacher: Taught by Pastor Mark 
Location: Room 206
This class will examine how the historic Baptist doctrine of religious liberty for all people is shaped by the gospel and how it shaped the U.S. Constitution.

“site reading from the hymnal: enrich your congregational participation”

Teacher: Scott Sanders
Location: Room 202
This Equip class will cover the basics in reading music while diving into the background stories from famous hymns and discussing congregational worship.

"Prayer school: lord teach us to pray"

Teacher: Jimmy Huff
Location: Worship Center
This class will cover important teaching about prayer as well as giving an opportunity for class participants to put it into practice.

“Worship: private and public”

Teacher: Pastor Aaron & Zach Nagle
Location: Room 214

This class will be taught in English and translated into Spanish. It will cover what worship is and how we ought to worship individually and when we gather together as a church.


Teacher: Cheryl Ross
Location: Room 309
This kid's class (ages 3 - 6th grade) will teach basic skills to children who are learning to read and study their Bibles.


Leader: Stephanie Miller
Locations: Rooms 221 & 300

This kids music program leads kids (4 year-olds – 6th graders) to worship Jesus by teaching them to sing new, fun songs.


Teacher: June Thompson
Location: Room 301
This children’s class is for kids who have recently made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ. It helps them understand what it means to be a Christian, will clarify misconceptions they might have, and prepares them for baptism and church membership.

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