Student Ministry Internship

2017 Student Ministry Internship

Internship Purpose & Goals
Student Ministry Internships at Capitol Hill Baptist Church are designed give the pastors opportunities to disciple, train, and equip young men who are interested in local church ministry (2 Tim 2:2). It also allows us to use the gifts given to these men to build up and equip the church for mutual ministry and edification (Eph 4:11-13).

The details below are subject to change, but they are an accurate representation of what an internship at CHBC will be like.

Candidates: This internship is intended for young men (ages 18-25) who have expressed an interest in vocational Christian ministry. Candidates must have been out of high school for at least one year in order to be considered.

Duration: Sunday, May 28 – Thursday, August 10 (10 weeks of internship, 1 week of vacation) )

: $10.00/hr for 20 hrs/week for a total of $2,000 for the summer (to be paid out evenly over 11 weeks)

Lodging/Transportation: The intern will be responsible for securing his own lodging & transportation. 

Ministry Expense Account: The intern will be allotted a small ministry expense account to be used for ministry-related expenses throughout the summer.

Ministry Assignments

  1. Help plan and execute the ministries and events of the Student Ministry as directed by the Associate Pastor of Students
  2. Lead a small discussion group of middle school boys on Wednesday Night
  3. Lead a small group at Student Life Camp
  4. Spend time in personal discipleship weekly with male students in the Student Ministry
  5. Read and be ready to discuss assigned books on assigned dates
  6. Preach on one Wednesday night Student Ministry service

Intern Expectations

  1. Be faithful (attending Sunday School, both Sunday worship services, and the Wednesday night meeting)
  2. Be responsible (arriving on time, dressed appropriately, completing tasks as scheduled)
  3. Be holy (setting an example for the students in every area of your life)
  4. Be disciplined (maintaining a daily Bible reading and memorization plan)
  5. Be submissive (submitting to and following the leadership of your pastors)

Assigned Reading

  1. Ascol, Tom. Dear Timothy: Letters on Pastoral Ministry, Cape Coral: Founders Press, 2004. 284 pages.
  2. Bonar, Andrew. Robert Murray M’Cheyne, Carlisle: Banner of Truth, 1960. 192 pages.


Download The Application

Applications must be submitted by Sunday, April 9, 2017.