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Pastor Mark's Weekly E-Mail 03-29-18

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Good Friday

6:30 PM join together with Emmaus Baptist Church for a Good Friday service at Capitol Hill Baptist Church.  This one hour service will allow us to focus on the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and set the stage for a glorious celebration on Easter Sunday morning.

Resurrection Day

This Sunday is Easter Sunday.  The world thinks about new clothes, bunnies, eggs, candy, baskets, and egg hunts.  I like all of those things.  I have great memories as a child of dressing in my new suit (it usually matched my brothers), heading off to Sunday School and Church.  We would wake up to an Easter basket full of candy.  After church we would drive to my grandparents house to have an Easter lunch and then we would hunt Easter Eggs in the backyard, finding some real eggs, and some hard plastic eggs with jelly beans or other candy hidden inside.  These are good memories.  But, as much fun as that can be, it falls short of the glory of what Easter is about.

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ does not have to compete with these things.  There is no competition.  The Resurrection is gloriously more magnificent and powerful.  All we need to do is give it proper attention and proper place.  Do not allow other good things to crowd out the best thing.  Sunday we will sing and proclaim the glory of the excellency of the risen Christ.  Come.  Invite.  Worship.  It is that simple.

There will be no other activities at the church this Sunday evening, so that we may spend the rest of the day with our families and enjoying what the Resurrection has done for us.  Use this day to meditate on the power of the Resurrection (Philippians 3:10)


Do not miss purchasing tickets for the Jeremy Casella concert on Sunday afternoon, April 15.  Use this link to read more and to register for the concert: Jeremy Casella Concert.  Listen to a sample of Jeremy Casella here:  Jeremy Casella, Christian Music Artist

Click here to view Sunday's bulletin in English

Click here to view Sunday's bulletin in Spanish

Mark D. DeMoss

Capitol Hill Baptist Church


For the Glory of God


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