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Pastor Mark's Weekly E-Mail 05-11-18

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Communication is tricky. It’s always been hard. Think letters, pony express, wire cables, and life before a cell phone! We desire to communicate with you, the church, as effectively as possible. This weekly email, our website, our Sunday AM bulletin, the Facebook page and our Twitter account are the primary ways for you to get the best information about life in the body at CHBC. Make sure the church office has your best email address and current cell phone numbers. If we don’t we cannot communicate efficiently.

Mother’s Day
Sunday morning we will honor the role of motherhood. But, we will also think more broadly in our sermon about spiritual parentage, or disciple-making. Join us, bring a friend, or invite someone to sit with you that has made a lasting spiritual impact in your life.

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Our Primary Goal in Guatemala - And How You Can Help

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On July 5-12, Capitol Hill will take its third mission trip to Guatemala. We believe God is doing some great things there and we want you to know what's going on and how you can join with us in this work.

We have some major goals that we want to accomplish in Guatemala. Today I want to make you aware of our primary goal. 

Goal #1: Plant a church in Lo de Lac, Guatemala

Lo de Lac, the birthplace and hometown of Pastor Isaias, is a small mountain village located about 35 miles north of Guatemala City. There is basically one road in and one road out; some of it paved, most of it rock and gravel, and all of it winding up the mountainside. It takes about two hours to make the trip. There are about 75 homes in vicinity of Lo de Lac and there are no gospel-preaching churches.

A typical home on the mountainside in Lo de Lac

We want to change that. We want to know that each week in Lo de Lac there are believers gathering together to worship the Lord Jesus Christ. We want to see believers converted and a church planted there.

What we’ve done thus far.

  • In 2015, Pastor Mark, Pastor Isaias, and Pastor Aaron went to Lo de Lac for one day to share the gospel with school children and their parents. We brought Spanish Bibles and tracts and some toys for the kids.
  • In 2016 we put on a Vacation Bible School at the local school in Lo de Lac. We did our best to love all 50 children and we capped it off by cooking food for the whole town.
  • In 2016 some of the members of our Hispanic ministry donated funds to provide the school with a computer lab.
  • In 2016, Pastor Isaias built a mission house that can be used to house mission teams and could be used to house a pastor in the future.
  • We hosted a Sunday morning worship service in the mission house. Over 40 people attended!
  • In 2017 our teams began making evangelistic home visits in Lo de Lac. We brought gift bags of supplies and prayed for each family.
  • In 2017 we also tried to bless some of the families by constructing wood burning stoves, which are vital to health and a sustainable lifestyle.

What we plan to do in Lo de Lac this year

  • Stay in the mission house for three nights this year so that we can really focus on this area.
  • Visit every home in Lo de Lac for the purpose of evangelism.
  • Bring a gift bag full of necessities such as flour, cooking oil, pain reliever, Pepto Bismol, bandages, rice, and beans to each home.
  • Bring each home a solar-powered audio Bible.
  • Open up the mission house each night for conversation, discussion, Bible teaching, prayer, singing, and of course, eating!
  • Host a worship service on Sunday morning at the mission house.

Last year we gave this lady a bag of supplies, an audio Bible, and prayed for her.

Ways you can pray

  • Pray for each home in Lo de Lac as we share the gospel. Pray for conversions!
  • Pray that we can find all of the homes and not be hindered by logistical snags.
  • Pray that people will come to our worship service and our open houses.
  • Pray for the conversion of Mary Lou, the headmaster of the school in Lo de Lac. Can you imagine what the future of Lo de Lac would look like if the headmaster was a believer in Jesus?
  • Pray that God would raise up a leader for this work in Guatemala, either from the people of Lo de Lac, or sent from a sister church in Guatemala.

Ways you can help

  • Purchase an audio Bible ($50) for a family in Lo de Lac. We need 50.
  • Purchase a gift bag of necessities ($25) for a family in Lo de lac. We need 50.
  • Purchase a bunk bed for the mission house ($450). We need 5.

To donate money for these needs, make a check out to Capitol Hill Baptist Church and write "Guatemala Missions" in the note, place cash in an envelope and write "Guatemala Missions" on the front, or donate online to the "Guatemalan Missions" fund at

Also, check out the display table in the main hallway where you can try out the audio Bible and see a gift bag.

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