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Book of the Month: Divided by Faith by Michael Emerson

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Our book of the month for the CHBC Library is Divided by Faith by Michael Emerson and Christian Smith. In this book, Michael Emerson and Christian Smith discuss sociological findings about race and the church.

It is widely known that Sunday mornings are the most segregated time of the week in most churches and that racial issues are currently a hot topic in both the church and the media. This book goes a long way in telling us why racial issues are so prevalent today, and it helps us understand why both sides of the debate seem to be talking past each other and not understanding each other.

It is critical to the task of racial reconciliation and understanding that we read perspectives that challenge us and stretch our thinking, and this book will do just that.

This book comes highly recommended by Mark Dever and Ligon Duncan. In fact, Mark Dever has written a very helpful book review that you can read.

We believe that this book should be one of the first books you read on this important issue, and that it could be paradigm-shifting in your life.

This book is available in the CHBC Library, which is open on Sunday mornings after the worship service.


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CHBC Library & Bookstall Opening on Easter

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You might have noticed that our Church Library has been under renovation over the last few months. We're happy to announce that on Easter Sunday we will open our doors again. Below are some of the highlights of the work we've done.

  • We've acquired hundreds of new titles through the generous donation of a friend of CHBC!

  • We have cataloged all of our resources online so that the checkout process will be quick and easy.

  • You can search this new online catalog from the comfort of your own home or the convenience of your tablet or smartphone. Try it now!

  • You can even check our catalog to see what books you've checked out and when they're due!

  • We have added a Bookstall where you can purchase recommended books and CHBC Bible Study materials for discounted prices.

  • If that wasn't enough, we now have comfortable leather seating and plenty of coffee!

  • We'll be open immediately after the morning Sunday service and on Wednesday evenings before activities begin. 

Find out more at the Library & Bookstall section of our website.

Come check us out and take advantage of this great equipping center at CHBC!


In Christ,
Pastor Aaron

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