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Pastor Mark's Weekly E-Mail 04-27-18

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Sunday Morning

As you arrive for Sunday School groups and the corporate worship service this Sunday, think about how you can be a blessing to others.  Maybe arrive a little early to help make sure your room is ready, or to be in the hall a few minutes to visit with others.  Consider the fact that there will be guests with us, and we want them to feel a sense of hospitality as they arrive.  If we do not arrive with an others first mentality, we will be naturally bent to think of ourselves.  We are saved because Jesus was others focused.  He put us first.


Sunday Nights

April 29        Power 4 Kids Spring Musical at 5 PM

May 6            Members’ Meeting at 5 PM

May 13         No Activity (Enjoy your families in honor of Mother’s Day)

May 20         Evening Worship Service at 5 PM (Alex Meyer will be preaching during this evening service)

May 27         Churchwide Memorial Day Picnic at 5 PM

Click here to view Sunday's bulletin in English.

Click here to view Sunday's bulletin in Spanish.

Mark D. DeMoss

Capitol Hill Baptist Church


For the Glory of God


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