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Pastor Mark's Weekly Update November 26, 2019

World Missions Offering
CHBC funds world missions through budget donations, and through the World Missions Offering.  10% of every offering you make to CHBC is sent to the Cooperative Program of the SBC.  This funds missions, seminaries, disaster relief efforts, and many more joint efforts of Baptists around the world.  We also support missions by giving to the World Missions Offering.  When you designate a gift to the World Missions Offering, every dollar is spent on these specific mission efforts:

Consider what amount you will give as the year ends.  Make a donation through the offering plate, online at the CHBC Giving Page, or in December as part of the Lottie Moon World Missions Offering Post Office.

 Christmas Worship at CHBC

  • December 1 – following the AM worship service help decorate the church for Christmas
  • December 8 – 5 PM – Power 4 Kids Christmas Musical
  • December 15 – 5 PM – Adult Worship Ministry Christmas Program
  • December 24 – 5 PM – Christmas Eve Worship Service

“Resolved, to maintain the strictest temperance in eating and drinking.” (Edwards, 1723) As we enter the holiday season, we all look forward to the good food, the many parties, and the wonderful candies and desserts.  We should enjoy all of this, but we should also remember that gluttony is a sin, just as so many of the evils in the world we rightly condemn.  Let us be wise with our mouths in how we speak of others, and in what we eat ourselves.

Click here for bulletin in English 

Click here for bulletin in Spanish 

    Mark D. DeMoss, Senior Pastor

        Capitol Hill Baptist Church


              For the Glory of God

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