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Pastor Mark's Weekly Update June 27, 2019

Changing Patterns
America goes to church less. The nominal and cultural Christian attends church less often, because they have always been swayed by the cultural trend. The culture used to say it was good and respectable to go to church and to raise your children in church. The culture now says that is not so important. Christian, do not follow the pattern of the culture! Church is a vital and commanded component of the Christian life. Weekly church attendance (not just Sunday School, but Church attendance) is necessary for sanctification. How often does God command us to do something that we do not need for our Christian life? Never! We need to worship with the body of Christ, hear the Word together, and be present to mutually encourage one another in the life of godliness.

 Love Your Neighbor
The first of our Love Your Neighbor Outreach nights starts this week on June 30. Pray for the 8 homes hosting a neighborhood get to know you event. This is what it looks like to take Jesus seriously in living by the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:36-40). Learn more by clicking on the title or this link:

RedeemED & The Aaron Project
RedeemEd is a strategic initiative that we at CHBC are launching to attempt to impact the local schools for Jesus Christ. We know there is a crisis of education in America. Our Christian public school teachers feel the burden of being gospel salt and light in an ever-darkening space in our communities. RedeemEd will host a lunch on August 5 at CHBC to encourage, train, and pray for Christian teachers in the Oklahoma Metro area. 

The Aaron Project is a way for you, members of CHBC, to support and encourage those teachers. The Aaron Project is a prayer initiative to provide a prayer warrior for every teacher who attends the RedeemED Lunch. There are cards in your Sunday School classes for you to use to sign up to be part of the Aaron Project. See Betty Novak or Earl Gentry to find out more about The Aaron Project.

Camp Scholarships
CHBC offers two camps each summer, one for children and one for students (or teens). If you would like to help a child or student attend camp you may give the gift of a Camp Scholarship. You can see more information about these camps at the church website: Please mark your check with either Children’s Camp or Student Camp so we know which way to designate your scholarship gift. You can also give online through our online giving portal at the website: CHBC Online Giving.

“Resolved, after afflictions, to inquire, what I am the better for them, what good I have got by them, and what I might have got by them.” (Edwards, 1723) James is clear that we will encounter various trials. But each trial is used by God in a sanctifying way in the life of His children. We would be wise after each trial, small or great, to ask the Lord to show us what we ought to have learned.

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