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Pastor Mark's Weekly Update January 11, 2019

Staff Changes

As you are aware Rebekah Juarez left her position as the Administrative Assistant for Finances in the church office.  We posted the job for this, interviewed several candidates, and ultimately hired Deanna Hollis to fill this role.  Deanna began her new role this week.  Deanna was already an administrative assistant responsible for publications and communications.  She has been faithful and excellent in her role.  We are excited to see her bring more of her work background to her new position.  We have hired Whitney Steger as the next Administrative Assistant over Publications and Communications.  She also began Monday.  We gladly welcome Whitney to our church staff.



Last week I introduced you to the resolutions of Jonathan Edwards.  May we be inspired to live with the kind of fire and commitment young Edwards felt almost 300 years ago.  Here is another of his resolutions.  May you and I see God’s glory as clearly.

“Resolved, never to do any manner of thing, whether in soul or body, less or more, but what tends to the glory of God; nor be, nor suffer it, if I can avoid it.” – Edwards, 1723.


The Death of Tyler Trent

If you follow College Football it would have been hard not to hear of Tyler Trent; Purdue University’s most ardent support, 20 years of age, and riddled with cancer.  Tyler was also a strong Christian, and he went to be with the Lord not many days ago.  Here is an article about Tyler that was written by his pastor, and one that you should read.  Click on the title to be taken to the article on the Desiring God website:  “May His Cancer Heal Millions”.


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Mark D. DeMoss

Capitol Hill Baptist Church


For the Glory of God



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Pastor Mark's Weekly Update - January 4, 2019


At the start of each new year many people make resolutions.  Typically we fail at some point to keep those reflective promises.  Rather than make some big commitments on January 1 that you may or may not even remember, I am going to share with you throughout the year resolutions made by Jonathan Edwards nearly 300 years ago.  Perhaps by focusing on one or two things each week we might see dramatic changes in our lives for the glory of God in 2019.  So, this week resolve with me and with the late Rev. Edwards.


“Being sensible that I am unable to do anything without God’s help, I do humbly entreat him by his grace to enable me to keep these Resolutions, so far as they are agreeable to his will, for Christ’s sake.” Jonathan Edwards, 1723.

Resolutions 1 & 2

1. Resolved, that I will do whatsoever I think to be most to God’s glory, and my own good, profit and pleasure, in the whole of my duration, without any consideration of the time, whether now, or never so many myriad’s of ages hence. Resolved to do whatever I think to be my duty and most for the good and advantage of mankind in general. Resolved to do this, whatever difficulties I meet with, how many and how great soever.

2. Resolved, to be continually endeavoring to find out some new invention and contrivance to promote the aforementioned things.


Verse of the Month

Each Lord’s Day during morning worship we say a scripture verse aloud together.  This has been a practice for years.  We do this for two reasons.  One is that it is good for God’s people to say Scripture aloud together.  The second reason is that it is a constant reminder and encouragement of memorizing Scripture.  To prepare you for worship and to aid you in memorization, we will place the verse of the month in our weekly email.  This month the verse is:


Psalm 103:10-12

10 He has not dealt with us according to our sins,
Nor rewarded us according to our iniquities.
11 For as high as the heavens are above the earth,
So great is His lovingkindness toward those who fear Him.
12 As far as the east is from the west,
So far has He removed our transgressions from us.


Stay Informed

This weekly email highlights important matters, and provides some information on upcoming major events in the life of CHBC.  To really stay up to date on what is happening at CHBC you should check the website regularly at WWW.CHBCHURCH.ORG, follow us on the CHBC Facebook page, follow us on Twitter at @chbchurch_okc, and make sure you can receive our texting alerts by texting “@4bb4h” to 81010.


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Mark D. DeMoss

Capitol Hill Baptist Church


For the Glory of God

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