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Hindrances to Hospitality

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As we continue to focus on what it means to be a church that is welcoming to our friends and neighbors, we want to keep pointing you to a great book called The Simplest Way To Change the World: Biblical Hospitality as a Way of Life by Dustin Willis and Brandon Clements.

Last week we started blogging through the highlights of that book. This week we continue with Chapter 2. Check it out and let us know how it has helped you.

Chapter 2: We Know What You Are Thinking…

1. Biblical hospitality is difficult because it is completely counter-cultural to the way our society thinks.

“When it comes to pursuing biblical hospitality as a way of life, we immediately happen upon a major obstacle: almost everything in our culture is set up to hinder us from pursuing it.” (pg 29)

2. There are four different cultural “currents” that we will need to swim upstream against to practice biblical hospitality. They are:

We want our homes to isolate us from the rest of the world. We think of our homes in terms like oasis, privacy, and retreat. We want our homes to get us away from others.

“There is, of course, nothing wrong with appropriate isolation and wanting your own defined space. When taken to the extreme, however, a desire for isolation is at odds with the biblical values of community, hospitality, and neighborliness.” (pg 30)

“Our homes should be places where we relax and unwind. They are a grace gift from God, meant to rejuvenate and restore our bodies and souls through rest and Sabbath. As with any desire we make too ultimate, however, if we place personal relaxation and refuge at the forefront of our home’s purpose, we lose God-given opportunities to practice gospel-driven intentionality.” (pg 33)

As Christians we must look critically at our tendency to be addicted to entertainment, “because if screens take up too much of our time and energy, that will lead us to further isolation and we will forsake any sense of mission for our homes.” (pg 34)

“Most people are so busy and frantic that they do not have a vision for how a lifestyle of sharing life with others in their homes could possibly fit into their schedules.” (pg 34)

3. A New Way to Think
“Pursuing biblical hospitality as a way of life will take a very intentional shift in your life and mentality… You’ll have to learn to think of your home primarily from a Christian perspective and let that mindset uproot the ways your culture has taught you to view your home.” (pg 35)


Pray this week that God will help you get over these hindrances and think differently about hospitality.

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Pastor Mark's Weekly E-Mail 02-16-18

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1 Church in 2 Languages

That is the way Capitol Hill functions every day.  We are one body of believers sharing one purpose for the glory of God.  Every other month when we celebrate the Lord’s Supper we spend our worship time together.  It is always a blessing to express worship to God in two languages, and to have our entire church family together in one room at one time.  It is with great anticipation that we look forward to worshiping as 1 Church in 2 Languages this Sunday morning.

Worship Pastor Search Process

The Personnel Committee submitted a list of names to our deacons last week.  The Deacon Body met and approved the list.  From that list five names will be submitted to the church for approval, after they have been contacted regarding their willingness to serve.  Once five church members have agreed to serve if elected, then a Special Called Member’s Meeting will occur in which we can elect a Search Committee.  Continue praying for the Lord to select the right people to serve on this committee, and for His direction in the process of calling a new pastoral staff member.

Voice of the Martyrs

Every year we have taken groups to serve at the Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) Headquarters in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.  This trip always coincides with Spring Break for our schools.  This year the trip is March 19-21.  Details and registration are on the website.  Just click on this link: VOM.  There will be an informational meeting this Sunday after the morning service.  Payment deadlines, and a volunteer form are accessible on the website. 

Equip Classes

CHBC Spring Equip Classes started last week.  Equip Classes serve the purpose of multi-generational learning and discipleship.  Each class is designed to not only foster greater understanding of the Bible as it relates to a specific area or topic, but to bring together people of different ages from across the church family.  The classes are also a way for you to bring a lost friend, or unchurched person to begin interacting with your church family in a smaller and relaxed setting.  You can see the list of classes by following this link: CHBC Equip Classes.

Click here to view Sunday's bulletin in English                                          Click here to view Sunday's bulletin in Spanish 

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