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Pastor Mark's Weekly E-Mail 02-09-18

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Always and Forever

Please use the online registration, or see a staff member this Sunday to get signed up for our annual marriage dinner.  $20 per couple will provide you with a nice meal, some musical entertainment, and you will get to hear some encouraging words regarding marriage.  Childcare is provided if you register.  The children will be fed.  Sign up by clicking on the link: Always and Forever.

Equipping Believers

One of the Three Purposes of Capitol Hill Baptist Church is to Equipping Believers to be able to follow Christ.  There are many opportunities of personal growth and discipleship available.  Our Equip Classes have become an important part of the training ministry for CHBC.  I would encourage you to not only attend, but look around for someone with whom you want to follow Jesus with.  Do you have a friend at church, in your neighborhood, at work, or in your gym that you want to be able to discuss the Bible with, and share in mutual encouragement around Christ?  An Equip class would be a great way to set aside time each week with that person.  Let the teaching ministry of the church aid you in being a disciple maker.  Invite people to Sunday School, or to Equip Classes.  To see the offering of classes for this Spring follow the link: Equip Classes.

Sunday Worship

Your walk with Christ is incomplete without gathering with the body of Christ.  Sunday worship is not an event.  The church gathered is what we see commanded and patterned in the New Testament.  We are the church, and much of the week we are scattered into the world to evangelize and make disciples.  But, each wee the body gathers to share with one another what God is doing in their lives, to rest from the weariness of living in the world, but not of the world, to corporately proclaim their steadfast belief in Jesus Christ, and to be encouraged by hearing the word of God.  Do not miss those moments of engaging the body of Christ.

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For the Glory of God

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