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Pastor Mark's Weekly Update April 9, 2020

 Are You Ready for Easter?
CHBC has gathered some resources for you for Resurrection Sunday, and the weekend leading into this Sunday.

Christ the Lord is Risen Today
Easter is the day that many Christians use to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ in a special way. The focus of the day is to be on God and Jesus being raised from the dead. As you prepare your heart for our Sunday of worship reflect on this hymn: Christ the Lord is Risen Today,

Sunday School and Worship for April 12, 2020
The church office will be sending an email today, Friday, April 10, with Sunday School and worship information. If you do not receive that email by noon on Friday, please call the church office and speak with Donna, she can forward you this information. Worship will again be on Facebook Live from the Worship Center at 10:15, and on Facebook Live at 5 PM from Pastor Mark’s home. Join us by following this link: to CHBC Facebook, or click on this link:

 Give Online
The Mission of CHBC is to be a church that Glorifies God by Equipping Believers, Exalting Christ, and Extending the Gospel. The way we can meet might be interrupted by an unseen virus, but the mission of the church continues. It can only continue if God’s people will continue to be faithful in their giving.   Tithes and offerings can be made by mailing in your check, dropping off your gift at the church office during normal office hours (8:30-4:30 Monday-Thursday, 8:30-12:30 Friday), or by giving online.   You can give online by following this link to the website: CHBC Online Giving. Or click this link, or copy and paste this URL into your web browser: If you need assistance with your online gift, please call the church office and someone can assist you.

Quotes from Church History
“The doctrine of a risen Saviour is exceedingly precious. The resurrection is the corner-stone of the entire building of Christianity. It is the key-stone of the arch of our salvation.” Charles H. Spurgeon (1834-1892, English Baptist Minister)

[Learn more about Charles Spurgeon by clicking on his name]

   Mark D. DeMoss, Senior Pastor
           For the Glory of God
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Resources to Prepare You and Your Families for Easter

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Matthew 28:6-7, “He is not here, for He has risen, just as He said. Come, see the place where He was lying. Go quickly and tell His disciples that He has risen from the dead; and behold, He is going ahead of you into Galilee, there you will see Him; behold, I have told you.”

 This will be the most unusual way I have spent an Easter Sunday.  That will be true for many of us.  But I want to remind you two truths.  First, the resurrection of Jesus Christ should be so overwhelming to us that giving time and attention to reflect on that truth again in whatever setting should be enough to cause us to glory in God the Father and give thanks for salvation that comes only through repentance and trust in His Son.  Jesus Christ lived perfectly, died in our place, and offers Himself as the propitiation for our sins.  His death perfectly satisfied the just wrath of God.  And when God raised Him from the dead He was proclaiming His complete satisfaction in the finished work of Jesus’ death.  We do not need the trappings of special decorations, big musical numbers, new clothes, and crowded seating in a worship center to stir our hearts to worship.  Let the simple truth of the resurrection be enough!

Second, every Sunday is a mark of the resurrection.  We use Easter to emphasize Christ being raised from the dead, but the gathering of Christians on Sunday is a weekly reminder and celebration of the resurrection.  This is why Christians began gathering on the first day of the week, because it was the day Jesus was raised from the dead and the disciples heard the announcement that He was not dead, but He was alive!  Let this year be a reminder that we should approach every Sunday as a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  We would have no reason to ever gather, sing, pray, and proclaim the good news if Jesus were not alive.

To help your heart reflect well on the resurrection we want to provide you with some additional resources for this weekend.  We desire for you to be able to teach your families, and to inspire your own worship while the world also thinks about Easter.  We pray these resources help you keep the focus on the right things.  Mrs. Cheryl already posted a video on our Facebook page as a baking activity for your family, called Resurrection Rolls.  See that video here: Mrs. Cheryl and Rob’s Resurrection Rolls.  She will send some other family resources in a separate email to our families with children.

Earlier this week we sent an email with a link to Chosen People’s Ministries presentation of the Christ in the Passover.  I will include that link again below.  I am also including a link to a movie presentation from Sight and Sound Theaters production of “Jesus”.  TBN is streaming this movie presentation, and so I will provide the link for you to be able to view this movie.  It will be available over the entire weekend.

Nothing will take the place of our worship on Sunday.  Although we will again not be together publicly and corporately we will be able to worship at the same moment.  Please share the invitation to join us on Facebook Live.  Use your personal Facebook to invite others to join the live worship service at 10:15 AM!

Links to Resurrection Resources:

By His Grace and for His Glory,

Mark D. DeMoss, Senior Pastor

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